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forEach vs for loop in javascript

I tried the  run the javascript array in forech and for loop and i faced the issue like undefined in forech loop . Example foreach Loop: Example For Loop: any solution for foreach  and Please share your experience in it.

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How to calculate last friday using Javascript

Originally posted on Web Developer Blogs:
todayDate = new Date(); LastFridayDate = new Date(); LastFridayDate.setDate(LastFridayDate.getDate()-1); while (LastFridayDate.getDay() != 5){ LastFridayDate.setDate(LastFridayDate.getDate()-1); } // Friday = 5 if(todayDate.getDay() == 5) { console.log(todayDate); //if today is Friday, it will display today date }…

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multiple select upload in ajax and php

This allows upload multiple select option to upload image in ajax with progress bar and response. <!doctype html> <head> <title>File Upload Progress Demo #3</title> <style> body { padding: 30px } form { display: block; margin: 20px auto; background: #eee; border-radius:

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Angular, Backbone or Ember: Which JavaScript Framework to choose?

Originally posted on Altabel Group's Blog:
Developers use JavaScript for a number of different web applications. If you continue adding more code to make it work in multiple browsers and use cases, it can quickly become a big mess.…

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javascript coding standards 2014

JavaScript Coding Standards SCOPE: OBJECTIVES: JAVASCRIPT: NAMING CONVENTIONS NAMING VARIABLES NAMING M ETHODS NAMING PARAMETERS SYNTAX CONVENTIONS Code Formatting: Use white spaces and indents to make the code readable. Semicolons: Use a semicolon at the end of each statement. FILE

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