Find mysql_query issue

Paste the code below mysql_query or mysqli_query to find correct issue,recently i used it in project and found that table itself not exited in database.

if (!$res) {
printf(“Error: %s\n”, mysqli_error($this->conn));

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Points to Remember in Yii

1)Yii application is build using Model-View-Controller(MVC) architecture.

2) Yii implements two kinds of model form model (CFormModel class) and active records(CActiveRecord class),which are extended by same base class cmodel.

3)form model represent the logic for form fields validation and bussiness logic.

4)Active records is design pattern of database structure to abstract the data access in object oriented way.

5)Controller is responsible for taking form inputs,interacting with model and passing the updated info to the view.

6)The router is action taken place as user sent request to the application.

yii work flow

yii work flow


Please share any of the important points in yii in comments.thank you


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forEach vs for loop in javascript

I tried the  run the javascript array in forech and for loop and i faced the issue like undefined in forech loop .

Example foreach Loop:


Example For Loop:


any solution for foreach  and Please share your experience in it.



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Tips to move from php to java

Hello Friends

I am pramodh kumar have work experience of 3 years in php and have worked in various framework and cms .currently i am looking for mnc company job for permanent position,bad luck no multi national company uses the php technology .I have heard about that tcs,infosys,wipro uses php technology,but I am willing to settle down in companies like bosch,benz,bmw ,i know its engineering companies and they used embedded c,c++,java and .net. So I am willing to learn java and done certification 5 years before.So guide me advice to learn java and recommend to use framework like stucts,spring,hibernate,osgi,rcp etc Bosch mostly have vacancy regarding in RCP areas.So friends comment any suggestion,tips and recommendation.

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How configure php in environment varible for windows?

To configure php in environment variable for windows,just run below code with current wamp path in command prompt:

SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\your\wamp\path\php

C:\>php -a
Interactive mode enabled
echo 'pppp';
echo "hello world";
echo 'pppp';
hello world

to finish the code with <?php and end ?> to run the code just (^z) Press control button + (z) button.
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