forEach vs for loop in javascript

I tried the  run the javascript array in forech and for loop and i faced the issue like undefined in forech loop .

Example foreach Loop:


Example For Loop:


any solution for foreach  and Please share your experience in it.



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Tips to move from php to java

Hello Friends

I am pramodh kumar have work experience of 3 years in php and have worked in various framework and cms .currently i am looking for mnc company job for permanent position,bad luck no multi national company uses the php technology .I have heard about that tcs,infosys,wipro uses php technology,but I am willing to settle down in companies like bosch,benz,bmw ,i know its engineering companies and they used embedded c,c++,java and .net. So I am willing to learn java and done certification 5 years before.So guide me advice to learn java and recommend to use framework like stucts,spring,hibernate,osgi,rcp etc Bosch mostly have vacancy regarding in RCP areas.So friends comment any suggestion,tips and recommendation.

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How configure php in environment varible for windows?

To configure php in environment variable for windows,just run below code with current wamp path in command prompt:

SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\your\wamp\path\php

C:\>php -a
Interactive mode enabled
echo 'pppp';
echo "hello world";
echo 'pppp';
hello world

to finish the code with <?php and end ?> to run the code just (^z) Press control button + (z) button.
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yii onchange ajax validation issue(cleared)

I was working the yii project in which i have update form ,where the data are  populated from controller to view allow model data to controller render function in yii.I had reset button in which default worked ,but as i update the form empty madtory field raised validation issue as i clicked the reset button it didnt restored the mandatory assigned copy model varible by calling  findByPk


$id = $_REQUEST['id'];
$modelular= Milestones::model()->findByPk($id);
javascript function to reset the update form.
 $("#resetform").click(function(e) {
 e.preventDefault();//used rectifier the jquery issue
 // $("#milestones-form").trigger('reset');
 $("#Milestones_milestone_title").val("<?php echo $copymodel->milestone_title; ?>");
 $("#Milestones_milestone_description").val("<?php echo $copymodel->milestone_description; ?>");
 $('#Milestones_milestone_startdate').datepicker('setDate', "<?php echo date('d-m-Y',strtotime($copymodel->milestone_startdate));?>");
 $("#Milestones_milestone_duedate").datepicker('setDate', "<?php echo date('d-m-Y',strtotime($copymodel->milestone_duedate));?>");

Onchange Issue:

Then comes the testing department issue that form does hides the validation msg after filling the input fields.

just added code in controller function.
View :
<?php $form=$this->beginWidget('CActiveForm', array(
)); ?>

 echo $form->textField($model,'milestone_title',array('class'=>'betterform','style'=>'width:95%','maxlength'=>100,'tabindex'=>1));
 // echo CHtml::label(Yii::t('milestones','FormMilestoneTitle'), CHtml::activeId($model, 'milestone_title'), array('class'=>'labelhelper'));
 echo $form->error($model,'milestone_title',array('validateOnChange'=>true));
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speed test to class with public variable and function vs static variable and function

Currently refreshing the oops concept in php as i worked in drupal cms which almost functional oriented derived cms.

public variable and function inside class:

 * Used to list the brands in the car
 * class:car
 * function:carlist()
class car {
    var $car = array('benz'=>'benz','mahinder'=>'mahinder','bmw'=>'bmw','honda'=>'honda','hundai'=>'hundai','tata'=>'tata');
        public function carlist(){
        return $this->car['benz'].' </br> '. $this->car['mahinder'].' </br> '. $this->car['bmw'].' </br> '. $this->car['honda'].' </br> '. $this->car['hundai'].' </br> '. $this->car['tata'].' </br> ';
$startTime = microtime(true);
$car = new car;
echo $car->carlist();
echo "Time:  " . number_format(( microtime(true) - $startTime), 5) . " Seconds\n";


Time: 0.00003

static variable and function inside class:

 * Used to list the brands in the car
 * class:car
 * Varible Type:static
 * function Type:static
 * function:carlist()
class cars {
    static $car = array('benz'=>'benz','mahinder'=>'mahinder','bmw'=>'bmw','honda'=>'honda','hundai'=>'hundai','tata'=>'tata');
        static function carlist(){
        return cars::$car['benz'].' </br> '. cars::$car['mahinder'].' </br> '. cars::$car['bmw'].' </br> '. cars::$car['honda'].' </br> '. cars::$car['hundai'].' </br> '. cars::$car['tata'].' </br> ';
 $startTimes = microtime(true);
echo  cars::carlist();
echo "Time:  " . number_format(( microtime(true) - $startTimes), 5) . " Seconds\n";


Time: 0.00001

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