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Points to Remember in Yii

1)Yii application is build using Model-View-Controller(MVC) architecture. 2) Yii implements two kinds of model form model (CFormModel class) and active records(CActiveRecord class),which are extended by same base class cmodel. 3)form model represent the logic for form fields validation and bussiness logic.

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yii onchange ajax validation issue(cleared)

I was working the yii project in which i have update form ,where the data are  populated from controller to view allow model data to controller render function in yii.I had reset button in which default worked ,but as i

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Using Yii2 RBAC PHP Auth Manager without having to use assign()

Originally posted on Sammaye's Blog:
I had a problem recently where, after upgrading Yii2 to latest, I had to give auth assignments where previous I did not. I found this cumbersome, mainly since it would mean adding 100,000 entries…

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Integration of CKEditor in Yii Framework

Originally posted on Rakesh Kumar:
1. Download CKEditor extension here 2. Put it in your app/protected/extensions/ 3. In your form, write this code <?php   $this->widget(‘application.extensions.ckeditor.CKEditor’, array(                          ‘model’=>$model,   …

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create mvc structure with existing database in yii using gii tool

Originally posted on Tutorial:
I am totally beginners to yii framework and sharing my yii code and methods that worked for me.So yii is very easy and flexible to learn and write web application. To start gii tool set the…

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