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How to validate sunday date or skip sunday date in php

Hi Friends I was working on yii2 framework project in which i as working on delivery date in which it should skip shipping or delivery date on sunday as saturday is also working day,so i came up with idea to

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yii2 generate pdf and attach in mail using kartik-v

Hi friends While i was working with yii2 advanced project for my client,so i was intergrating the kartik-v mailer and pdf while working on ecommerce for triggering mail on order place for customer and support,i came up with solution

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Points to Remember in Yii

1)Yii application is build using Model-View-Controller(MVC) architecture. 2) Yii implements two kindsĀ of model form model (CFormModel class) and active records(CActiveRecord class),which are extended by same base class cmodel. 3)form model represent the logic for form fields validation and bussiness logic.

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Tips to move from php to java

Hello Friends I am pramodh kumar have work experience of 3 years in php and have worked in various framework and cms .currently i am looking for mnc company job for permanent position,bad luck no multi national company uses the

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How configure php in environment varible for windows?

To configure php in environment variable for windows,just run below code with current wamp path in command prompt: SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\your\wamp\path\php C:\>php -a Interactive mode enabled <?php echo ‘pppp’; echo “hello world”; ?> ^Z echo ‘pppp’; hello world to finish the

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