usort() PHP Function Issue with PHP 5.3


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Most of you may be faced this issue, usort() behaves differently in PHP 5.1 & 5.3 versions.


class myClass {
  public static function mySortMethod($object1, $object2)
     if ($object1->order == $object2->order) 
         return 0;
    return ($object1->order < $object2->order) ? -1 : 1;

usort($arr, 'myClass: mySortMethod');


This would be working fine till PHP 5.1, but in latest version means PHP 5.3 it doesn’t sort properly.


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Processing a form with AngularJS + PHP


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If you read my previous blog post about how to make a simple form work with PHP you’re probably thinking: “She just can’t get enough of forms!” and you are right. I can’t.

As soon as I started learning how form validation works in AngularJS I thought I could improve my website’s contact form. If you are considering changing yours too, I’d encourage you to do so.

Why would you change?

If you followed my previous blog post to make your form work, here are some reasons why you should follow this one and change it to AngularJS + PHP instead of simply PHP:

  1. Submitting the form, showing errors, adding error classes, and showing/hiding messages will be done with JavaScript. Before PHP was in charge of all of that. It means that when someone tried to submit a form with invalid fields, the error page would load and the user…

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