PHP UK Conference 2014

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Davey Shafik – PHP 5.NEXT: The New Bits

  • T_POW
  • const keyword – Global constants
  • Function arguments
  • __debugInfo()
  • GMP Improvements + Operator overloading
  • phpdbg SAPI – stand alone; not like xdebug or zend debugger;supports remote debugging
  • Import Namespaced functions and Constants
  • Variadic functions
  • HHVM (Alternative PHP runtime from facebook)
  • Hack (dev tool)
  • ReactPHP (Asynchronous Event-Based applications) – Toolkit

Ian Barber/Mandy Waite – Building Scalable PHP Apps With Google App Engine

  • Pattern based traffic demand
  • App Engine is a PAAS
  • iaasvspaas
  • app engine works somewhat like nginx and fpm
  • Can’t do Chunked encoding
  • File system is read only
  • modules
  • app engine logging:
  • appenginelog
  • deploy
  • appenginedeploy
  • Check the URL:

Erika Heidi – Vagrant Provisioners In A Nutshell






Gary Hockin – Maximising Performance With Zend Framework


Michelle Sanver – ‘ProTalking’ Your Way into Open Source




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How to Set Up PayPal Integration with PHP & MySQL

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PayPal is the most popular payment service on the web so being able to integrate your website with PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification Service (IPN) is essential if you need to process payments through your website.

There are 3 main parts to the PayPal IPN system.

  1. A webpage that initiates a request to PayPal to make a payment.
  2. A PHP page on your webserver that PayPal calls to notify you that payment has been made.
  3. A webpage that confirms the above payment and continues on to the next phase of your web application, such as a ‘Thank You’ page.

Parts 1 and 3 are accessible by customers on your website. Part 2 is only visible to PayPal.  The diagram below illustrates the interaction between your customer, PayPal and your website.

PayPal Interaction

The following steps break down each part of the process into easy to follow chunks, it is assumed that you have…

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